Wednesday, May 19, 2010

I could watch work all day!!

On sunday we(husband and I) decided to dig up all the surviving plants in one of our flower beds. The dogs had made it their mission to chew their way through it over the past few months. We had let the weeds grow out of control in an effort to 'hide' any of the remaining (bless them!!) plants. It was our plan to re-plant them in the other fenced off beds.

Iomar did the digging while I rummaged through the weeds to find the shrubs. Well, behind every good man there is a great fore-woman.

Ah there's definitely a plant in there somewhere.

The dogs watched on.( Scrappy the very badly knotted and stinky Shih-tzu and Scooby the Great Dane.). Is Scrappy giving Scooby and little peck on the cheek. Ain't love Cute. Two boy dogs by the way!!

Saturday, May 8, 2010

Bags of fun

Here's a few I made earlier...............

I tried to be all arty with my camera, shame the sun had vanished!! The tree is beautiful isn't it...

I added a handy little pocket inside for a mobile phone. At least if it is in the pocket it might be easy to find it when it rings..

I asked my daughter which was her favourite. She said 'that's a hard one Mammy' .She picked this one. 'I like the colours' she said...... It's an embroidered polyester. I have the same fabric in other colours too. It is so eyecatching. I can't wait to make this space.

The fabric in this one is a Villa Nova silk. I love it... It's pure silk, the piece in the middle is embroidered and the green straps have brown embroidery on them.

My bff...............

This is my trusty sewing machine. We spend such quality time together.

Sunday, May 2, 2010

The first cut

Last sunday our lawn had its first cut of the season. Cerys(age 7) was mad to drive the lawnmower.

Dad sat with her but she did ALL the steering, and drove the mower up the ramp on her OWN-something I definitely would not attempt. In fact I don't show any interest in the mower for fear I might learn how to use it.....


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