Monday, June 28, 2010

Blogging causes weight gain!!!!

I am going to a wedding on friday. I had the most beautiful dress in the wardrobe waiting for an occasion like this. So when the invitation came through the door I immediately thought of my gorgeous red dress. mmm Unfortunately I have realised there is a direct relationship between facebook,blogging and......weight gain. There was at least 1.5 inches between the 2 sides of the zip. I have tried over the last few weeks to shift it but said dress is still pretty tight.Darn.

Last night I came to the decision that the dress is definitely not going to get an outing this time. Thankfully I had been fabric shopping recently.So yes you have guess it.....I made a new dress. I am not going to unveil the dress in this post. It will make its debut for 'lush friday'.

To give you a sneaky peek ,today i whipped up this cute little cluch bag to match from the leftover fabric.

I had this Red raw silk which was perfect for inside.

This is the pattern I used for the dress. Such a simple pattern to use. Of course I made a few slight changes to it, as I usually do.

If you want to see the dress pop back on friday!!!

Sunday, June 27, 2010

My New button!!!!!!!

See my 'lush friday button' over there on the right hand side taking pride of place . That took about 2 hours to make.And I made it all by myself-can you believe it????????.

I have seen pretty 'buttons' on other blogs and wondered how they were made. I thought to myself 'who makes then' and 'where do I get one from' .So ....the power of Google again.... I googled 'how to make a blog button'. I found a brilliant tutorial here and 2 hours later( after I briefly thought about giving up after it just would not work for me) I made it.

The plan is for my followers and 'lush friday' participants to put it on your blogs so that maybe others out there in blog land will check out my blog and join in with us on 'lush friday'. Simple as that.There is a step by step instruction how to add the button(gadget) to your blog here.

I am off to see if I can make a pretty banner for my etsy shop now. There is no stopping me since I discovered photobucket.

Friday, June 25, 2010


*****Welcome All to the Very First 'lush friday'******

I was in a real Sewing Zone this week , I made camera cases, bags,bags, and more bags.I have met some lovely crafty people this week through a load of different blogs and facebook fanpages. There is a lot of highly talented people out there.I have so enjoyed this week, sewing promoting my 'lush friday' ,and seeing all the fans arriving to my facebook page.

Here are my latest bags........

During the week I was making lovely neat shoulder bags and I decided to make a Big bag for show and tell. This is a roomy bag,has long shoulder straps and a magnet to close. It is colourful and a little quirky with the different fabrics.

I am also linking up to simply designing ,fab friday,along for the ride and amylou's sew and tell. After you link to 'lush friday' Why not link in there too!!!!!

If you would like to link your project to 'lush friday' click here

Monday, June 21, 2010

Wow camera case and matching handbag

The weather here at the moment is the sort of weather I remember our summers were like when I was a child. When we got our summer holidays from school we wore our shorts and summer clothes until we went back to school in September.Now I don't even buy new summer clothes. They just don't wear out from year to year.

Anyhow, today I really wanted to sew up these bags I cut out yesterday. I cut them out on my patio tables in the sunshine. I was not going to miss a bit of that sun. I am back at work tomorrow(tues) so will only be admiring it throughthe shop windows. But today I was dying to sew them up so I wrestled and put up the gazebo (a bargain at €17.99 from argos). Brought lock ,stock and barrell down from my sewing room(in the attic-I was determined) and finally with the help of a very long extension lead I was in business. sewing away to my hearts content.

Here's what I made.....

It's even colourful inside

Logo embroidered on the closing flap.

Velcro to close, and a clever intertwining of the straps keeps it it...

Little pocket at the back too.

Fits this size camera.

A very fetching combo....
I am hosting my first 'lush friday' show and tell this friday 25th june. Please join in, more info here

Saturday, June 19, 2010

Wristlet purses

I had great fun making these wristlet purses. Each one was different and unique. I made them from a curtain fabric sample book which I had not got the heart to throw away once it became discontinued from a range of fabrics I sell in my shop. I just knew that I would put it to use one day. That day came last friday.I took a lot of time cutting up the pieces of fabric so that I put it all to good use. All the flowers are applique and have sweet little buttons too.

This is a gorgeous duck egg colour.(did not photograph well)

The flower is applique with a little button in the center.

I lined them inside with some curtain lining.

I was so pleased with the way they turned out. What do you think??

I am planning on hosting my first 'lush friday' show and tell next friday . Please join in,all are welcome. For more info look here.

Friday, June 18, 2010

NEW top-show and tell friday!!

This is my second week at show and tell. I have been so looking forward to friday coming this week. I was so motivated that I made this weeks project last sunday just so that I would definitely participate this week.
I bought this top in Monsoon last summer. I wore it so much and thought to myself 'if only I could find fabric I like then I would love to make one like it'. I was in pippablue in Galway last monday and saw loads of gorgeous fabrics. I chose 2 Amy Butler fabrics and. went home full of enthusiasm
This is the top I bought last summer in Monsoon.

I lay out the top and cut the fabric pieces. It was tricky because there were darts on the back and the sleeves were an awkward shape. When I had it all cut out I thought ''mmmm maybe I should have cut a pattern from waste fabric first''. But I was happy with it. I actually lay out the fabric pieces on old curtain lining then and copied a pattern because I know I will be making another one of these tops.

VOILA!!! My finished top. I love it!!

Sleeves turned out great for me. I was really pleased. See how I used the other fabric to trim the edge!!

There are little gathers at the neck line..
I am linking up to Amy's Show and tell friday,craftenvy, frugal friday,simply designing. Why not pop on over and see everyone elses projects.
I am planning on hosting my first 'lush friday' show and tell next friday. Please join in, the more the merrier. For more info look here.

Sunday, June 13, 2010

New skirt and top

I had been admiring and lusting after some fabulous fabrics on etsy and various blogs I had been reading. They were 'Amy Butler' fabrics and had caught my eye due to the glorious colours and patterns-right up my street. I googled one day to find that I could get my hands on them in pippa blue in Galway. You can only imagine my delight. I had expected to have to import them and there they were just down the road from me (well-35 miles away).
I went to Galway with the kids on bank holiday monday(after a quick enquiry on their website to make sure they were open). I was truely spolied for choice. I picked up four pieces of fabric and some ric rac with a top for me and a skirt for Cerys in the plans.

So today I made a skirt for Cerys..............

I love the ric rac ... its so cute....
I was sorry that I had not bought enough to make a top as well but found a plain t shirt and appliqued a flower using my embroidery machine.............

I was so pleased with the result...................

I also made the top for myself using a top I had bought in Monsoon last year as a pattern.Here's a little look at the cutting out stage. I will post pictures of the finished top later in the week. I was really happy with the way it turned out. If our weather improves I know I will get loads of wear out of it.....mmmmmmm maybe I should get some more fabric for a skirt too.......or maybe more for another top. i have definitely been bitten by the sewing bug.!!!

I am linking to strut your stuff thursday .Go on...Pop over and see what's going on.!!

Saturday, June 12, 2010

Todays Bag

I was busy bag making again today. I had to tear myself away from the oilcloth I was using yesterday though. It's so easy and quick to make things from it.
So I took out a few remnants I had of this gorgeous silk fabric and made this cute lttle bag. I used a pattern I bought some time ago. Looking at the picture on the pattern I thought the bag would be really small, but it turned out to be quite a tidy size. As you can see from the pictures below I managed to fit all the everyday stuff in it-phone, wallet,lippy and a notebook.

It is pictured beside an artificial plant which my nan watered one day because she thought 'it looked a bit dry', Didn't do it any harm anyway. Artificial plants are great in my house because I keep forgetting to water the real ones. Only thing is you have to keep dusting them instead!!!
I used a bright green and brown embroidered silk in the lining.There is curtain interlining between the inside and outside fabric to give it body.I added a little flap at the top with a magnetic closing thingy to keep safe.

Phone,wallet,lippy and a notebook (and room for more too) fits with ease..

Lovely embroidery detail.

I like the shape of it when it is full.
mmmm now where can I go to show off my new bag.......
I am linking this post to craftenvy and along for the ride
Why not take a peek at what others are up to on saturdays!!!

Friday, June 11, 2010

oilcloth heaven 'show and tell friday'

I am so excited!!! This is my first 'show and tell friday'offering. I have been addicted to tuning in every friday for the last few weeks and promised myself every week that I would definitely have something next week to show. Well finally the week has come for me at last. I have been getting carried away with oilcloth this week. I am trying to make some bags for some carft fairs coming up soon. I just adore all these fabrics.The bags are so simple and so spacious.
I am linking to Look what I made and sew and tell friday. Why not check them out and see what others are up to this week!!

To start the apples were my favourite and then I loved the dots... I made a little wristlet wallet to match......

.....then I really really loved the Dogs pattern....................

...............then I fell for the kitchen patchwork one............. !!!

I put some gym stuff in to see just how much could fit in. See...loads of room.
Which is your favourite?????

Sunday, June 6, 2010

A wash out at BLOOM 2010!!!

We went to Bloom in the Pheonix Park today. When I got up this morning the sun was shining,birds singing-get the picture,so we headed off to collect Nes all excited about the day ahead. When we were about 30mins away from Dublin the clouds got very dark and threatening!!. 'Well ' said Nes 'thank God I brought my rain coat'(just in case).. Oops we didn't of course.. Very big Oops actually. Apparently the Bloom people had been giving out rain ponchos but had run out when we arrived. Cerys had a hood on her top but me and Kian had to just suffer the rain.

That tea pot always comes on picnics.

The show gardens were really gorgeous. I noticed a lot of similarities in them. Hostas and Alliums were very popular,as was the use of water features.

This was our favourite garden.

Boy these Alliums were big.

Saturday, June 5, 2010

Cerys at work with me.

Nanny went to BLOOM today,(hopefully we will go tomorrow. Can't wait).Usually Kian and Cerys would stay with her on saturdays. So Cerys came to work with me for the day. Kian went to Nicolas(my sister) to play with his cousins.So everyone was happy!!

She cleaned the floor

Mmmm this one is really nice. What do you think??

There was a lot of serious work to be done then on the computer..........


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