Sunday, June 27, 2010

My New button!!!!!!!

See my 'lush friday button' over there on the right hand side taking pride of place . That took about 2 hours to make.And I made it all by myself-can you believe it????????.

I have seen pretty 'buttons' on other blogs and wondered how they were made. I thought to myself 'who makes then' and 'where do I get one from' .So ....the power of Google again.... I googled 'how to make a blog button'. I found a brilliant tutorial here and 2 hours later( after I briefly thought about giving up after it just would not work for me) I made it.

The plan is for my followers and 'lush friday' participants to put it on your blogs so that maybe others out there in blog land will check out my blog and join in with us on 'lush friday'. Simple as that.There is a step by step instruction how to add the button(gadget) to your blog here.

I am off to see if I can make a pretty banner for my etsy shop now. There is no stopping me since I discovered photobucket.


Emily@theNest said...

Well done and fair play to you!!!! Have to work out how to put the button on my Wordpress site, but when I do..... !

lush stuff said...

According to stuff I have read this week and believe you me I have read a LOT this week, the word out there is that wordpress is not as easy to add things like buttons,gadgets and linkys to.Sorry to break this to you.


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