Thursday, September 23, 2010

Fun with fleece

Did you know that lush stuff was born last winter???.

It all happened through a combination of a few events.Basically for the past few years I have been a closet crafter ,dying to find more 'me' time to try new things. But work and children always came between me and my time to make stuff. But last winter 'the big flood' allowed me more 'me' time. The road in front of my shop was closed temporarily due to the flooding and work did not exactly pour in (excuse the pun).So all of a sudden I had loads of time on my hands. I bought a few rolls of fleece fabrics, made hats,scarves,sweatshirts and ponchos and hit the Christmas craft fairs. I enjoyed it so much and have been looking forward to doing it all again this year.
I had planned to start making earlier than now but time has really flown...anyway I made a great start on tuesday.Here are a few so far modelled by my beautiful daughter Cerys....a budding model.

Here's the plan I had for those cute flowers I crocheted.Thanks Emily for the know how and the button idea.
Great for keeping the ears cosy.

Such a natural model eh!

Grass needs cutting badly.......You know it's to long when it falls over!!

I love the colours.
I certainly have not forgotten the boys,don't worry....more to be revealed soon. Also need a willing model for them too,daughter 'will not model boys hats'...
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Friday, September 17, 2010

Cutie pincushions

I was looking through the Anna Maria Horner blog during the week and spotted the tutorial for making these pincushions.I don't know how I didn't see it before.They are sooooo cutie.I made these. Pity I could not take nicer photographs because they really are so much sweeter in reality.
They were a simple ,fun little project and can be made from scraps. I am planning on making a few more too.They would make lovely pressies too.
I am going to link up to a few blogs today....amy lous,simply designing and lush friday here on my blog.

Monday, September 13, 2010

My patchwork clutchbags inspired Jessica.

Imagine how flattered I felt when I saw Jessica's post about her latest obsession.I had to take a second look.I thought they were mine.So cute and I can tell you once you get started,you just want to keep making more...and more...and more!!

Check out SewCraftyJess, this girl can quilt...thanks Jessica for your contributions to lush friday.Keep 'em coming!!

Thursday, September 9, 2010

An unproductive Week

This has been the most unproductive craft week I have had in such a long time. I have crocheted nothing,knitted nothing,sewn nothing so made absolutely nothing,my house is a mess and I can't wait for the weekend.

I am so looking forward to our crocet get together in my shop next wednesday.
Here's a pic of our first night.

Look at what we had to nibble on in .Mmmmm.yum yum

See you next friday at the various show and tells.

Thursday, September 2, 2010

jewellery making

We were on holidays last week in Wales, staying with my uncle Keith and Auntie Diane.(Thanks for a great week xxx. ).
Imagine my surprise and delight on friday when I checked my emails to find a message from Beth at Magpie and Button announcing that I was the winner of her very first giveaway!!!

I practically attacked the postman on wednesday when I saw him arrive with a beautifully addressed envelope,tore it open and ...OMG .....such attention to detail in the presentation and packaging.I have never seen anything like it before...and of course I had no camera to photograph it before I opened the little packages inside.

Isn't this so sweet.I've been wearing it since and have had so many comments about it.I was told today that it was quirky and suited my personality.
While we were in Wales my cousin Emma brought us to the most addictive shop imaginable.When I say addictive I mean if this shop was near me at home I would be in it every day for sure! It is called wild about beads and I was well and truely wild about it. It is packed with every type of bead and fixings to make your own jewellery. This was completely new territory for me.I loved it. We choose our beads and sat at a table to make up our design. Help was at hand if we ran into difficulty and we even got a cup of coffee to keep us inspired....sweet.

My first attempt was this necklace

Cerys made this.

I could not resist a bit of bling.

So I made this
It was such a fun morning,I was sad to leave the shop. I am sure the owners were sorry to see me go too...ching!ching!

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