Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Making a few changes

Recently I have been at home more, taking a little more 'me' time away from work. It's been really lovely to drop the children to school and come home.I can get so much done before I go back to collect them...mostly sewing of course!
Maybe spending more time at home is making me feel the need for a few little changes. So this week I made some new roman blinds for my kitchen. I had been looking for a new fabric for some time and always wait til a fabric 'speaks' to me before I decide. I won't just choose something just for the sake of it.While the children watched a DVD on saturday night I worked on my new blinds.

Well what do you think???....a big change.

This is my bedroom.The picture looks very purpley but it's more mauve in reality. Again I need a big change so am thinking about doing the wall behind the bed in this pink paper and maybe a grey shade on the other walls.

I love this paper...its so Wow!!


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