Sunday, May 22, 2011

Crazy Shortcut Quilts Tutorial

I have had a certain curiosity about the whole patchwork and quilting phenomenon. I have seen fantastic intricate patchworks and wonder where do you start, how do you keep it all so neat and perfectly matched.I have tried a little patchwork,you can see my attempts here, here and here.

Anyway I stumbled upon this book recently and having tried out the method....I am now a huge fan!!

Here's a little tutorial.This is what the finished crazy blocks look like.

As always it took me ages to pick my fabrics.I chose 6 fat quarters in colours I love.

First cut 23cms squares, 4 from each fat quarter.You don't have to be too exact with this cut because the finished block will be trimmed square at he end of the process.

Make a stack of 6 (1 each of the fabrics).Make a random cut through the stack.

Lay out the fabrics and match them up in any way that you like.

Sew each set together.

Press the seams flat and stack them with the seams going in the same direction.

Make another random cut through all 6 again.

Match them up .

Sew,press,stack and cut again.

And again... or what???

I trimmed each stack to 19cms square.

I repeated the method and now have 24 blocks ready for a project....Any suggestions for what I could do with them....not sure if I have the patience to make more for a quilt......Has anyone made a patchwork skirt.....I have an idea to join tem all together and cut a skirt from the piece.I could put a co-ordinating panel at the hem to tone it down....What do you think???


Sarah @ FairyFace Designs said...

Oh I love those blocks and the fabrics you chose, they work great! Will be looking forward to seeing them done :-) said...

Wow! What a fun quilt!!! I wish I enjoyed sewing more...but I sure do LOVE to look at others who do!!

I just wanted you to know that I am giving away a babycakes Cake Pop maker right now and would love for you to come and enter my giveaway!

Thanks and have a fabulous Friday!



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