Monday, January 2, 2012

Roman Blind class

I'm a huge fan of roman blinds. They are the ideal solution for dormer windows and a great alternative to a roller blind.Almost any fabric can be used in their construction. And when you get tired of the fabric you can re use the roman blind system (which is the most expensive element in the blind) to make a new version.
Win win situation in my opinion!!

I've been trying to put together a roman blind making class for a while but I simply did not have the room in the shop before this to facilitate a class without having everyone working on the floor (not good for the old knees). But now that I have re-worked the shop I am delighted to say that I am planning a class for Sunday 5th Feb.

To make a roman blind you don't need huge sewing skills. To be able to sew in a straight line is perfectly sufficient. The key to a well made roman blind is the accuracy of measurements. Most of the class will be spent preparing and marking out the blind.The actual sewing is probably the quickest part. So what I am saying is don't worry if you are a novice sewer!

The Plan:
You can make a sample blind of random size OR you can measure an existing window and make a blind for this.
If you are going to make a specific size blind give me a call on 087 6798798 and I can talk you through how to do the measuring, advise you on quantity of fabric and take an order for the roman blind kit required.

Curtain fabrics are generally  54 inches wide so for the purpose of the class we can make a blind up to 52inches wide. I will demonstrate how to join a fabric which requires matching for a blind wider than a width of fabric.
This is the type of roman blind kit I've been using for all the blinds I make. They come in various sizes. I don't keep them in stock so if you need one for the class please call to order one. Its not essential for you to have one if you wish to make a sample blind.
Class costs €60.(plus kit if required)
Class location: Roma and Mary, Bridge street, Ballinasloe.
Class Duration: 11-6pm

Also, bring a packed lunch and some nibbles to keep you going for the day!

Sunday, January 1, 2012

Flower Cushion

Happy New Year to all in blogland.

Surprisingly after no blog posting for 3 months(ish) I am on my second post in 2 days!.
I had a very lazy new years morning catching up on blog reading and looking for some creative ispiration. I came across the tutorial for this cushion, which I had filed away mentally on my 'to do list'.The tutorial called for felt which I don't have in my massive stash of fabrics, but what I have tonnes of, is fleece scraps leftover from my mammoth hat making before christmas for the craft fairs.

Pretty Cute eh?


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